Sochi Plaza Davtashen

Sochi Plaza hotel is located in Yerevan, Davtashen community. Working in the sphere of hotel business, Sochi Plaza  managed to get its permanent customers, pleasantly  surprising its visitors by its  luxury, high taste of furnishings and affordable prices.

Sochi Plaza hotel offers you regular one-bedroom numbers up to double bedrooms luxe class with jacuzzi. The interior of the hotel, delicious cuisine and absolute absence of noise tune you to pleasant entertainment and complete recreation.


You can book rooms both by calling us and online-system.



The rooms of Sochi Plaza Hotel in Yerevan provide any condition for a real rest due to their luxury view, beautiful design, delicate color combination, and modern conveniences. There are three main types of the rooms - Junior ...
Sauna Sochi Plaza
Perfect cleanness , stylish furnishing, and a secret place for sauna lovers. Sauna Hall of Sochi Plaza Hotel is one of the best Saunas not only in Yerevan, but also in the surroundings due to its beauty and comfort. Here ...